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Andrew Goddard: Brilliant dreamer
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bmj;361/may23_11/k1929/FAF1faDuncan SmithBiographyAndrew Goddard, 50, will become president of the Royal College of Physicians in September, the youngest for over 400 years. Now a consultant...

UK government vows to adopt stringent WHO clean air targets
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The UK government has published a draft plan for its upcoming clean air strategy, which includes a target to reduce particulate matter emissions by 46% by 2030.The draft strategy,1 published for...

RCGP calls for national campaign to tackle loneliness
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Loneliness is a public health epidemic, and a national campaign is needed to raise awareness of the issue, the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) has said.The college has published an...

Problem gambling: five minutes with . . . Henrietta Bowden-Jones
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“Pathological gambling is a serious public health problem, affecting nearly 1% of people in the UK. Around half a million people are pathological gamblers but an estimated two million are at risk of...

Primary care is a neglected resource for clinical research
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Up to 90% of clinical contacts in the United Kingdom have been estimated to take place in primary care. So I was disappointed to see that, in an otherwise excellent summary of the current state of UK...

GPs have been Luddites for too long and must embrace new technology
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I started working in general practice in the pre-computer era, when we used “Lloyd George records.” These small brown envelopes invited one line entries; anything more would rapidly exceed the...

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